„You are free to invent your identy in a new city.“- instant by Amy Liptrot

You are free to invent your identy in new city.

I want to act like I’m still in my twenties, maybe get a nose-piercing and an undercut , start being polyamorous, making Skulpturen.“

I wanted to come back to a city because I’m not done yet. I want another throw of the dice.

I’m also here because a good way to get over a hopeless crush is to move another country where there are new people to get hopeless crushes on.

I didn’t choose Berlin for a particular reason; no job, no study, no lover .

I’m just here for a change/ instant/ Amy Liptrot

Amy Liptrot lesen made my day.

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Anna hat sich für einen Kaffee angemeldet.

Kürbis mit Maulbeeren, später Apfelkuchen.

Das Gemüse werde ich schneiden während ich Breaking bad weiter schaue.